Wednesday, July 22, 2009

One day left

Today we had to move apartments, the one we were in was not available for Wed. so we hauled all our stuff to an apartment 2 buildings up and then Oleg and I went to the WW2 museum were we saw a pair of gloves made out of human skin, several tanks and planes and a statue that rivals the Statue of Libery.

Next we went to check out the caves at Lavra, not a good place for your resident claustraphobic. We went down and down and down in a single file line with many others all of holding candles to view several monks in glass coffens. It was a slow moving line as many people stopped to kiss each casket. For the most part the monks were respectfully covered head to toe with about 3 or 4 of them with exposed hands. Their was also one area that house several skulls in glass jars. The ceilings as you were walking grew shorter till I was bending to get thru as well as being very narrow and will all of us holding candles for light it was also very hot. I enjoyed the experiance and am glad I did it however once was enough. I just could stop thinking about how glad I was that Ukraine does not have earthquakes.

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  1. Welcome Home Jane & the three newest Barker Boys!!! Praise God and always cherish the Ukrainian Experience! Can't wait to get all our boys together! In His love, J&L and boys